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The Concordant Opposition.

In Which Your Humble Narrator Attempts To Unravel The Gordian Knot.

First Responder Of The Heart
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It's better to be a smart ass than a dumb shit.
apathy, ascension, beans and rice, black blood, brutal honesty, buddhism, bunny template, career bulldozer, carpal tunnel syndrome, causality, celestial ashtray, central industrial, cheese, chemical imbalance, citrus tyranny, clarity, clingy libation, cloned mammoths, cockroach bazooka, cocktails, computers, concordant opposition, consciousness, cooking, cricket recorder, crow guardian, data terrorism, daysleeping, design, despair, dildo recycling, diy, dolphin escort, double edged carrot, doublethink, dream noise, dronecore, drum n' bass, dualism, dub, earth noise, electronic music, emotional ammunition, emptiness, end of the world, ennui, everythingism, fart blossom, fear, fiction, fish machine, flaming hair, flashporn, frankenstein summer, freckled cleavage, fud, futurism, fuzzy buddhas, gaming, geomancy, giant cockroaches, god, god's country, haircuts of the gods, healthy hate, immortality, infomercials, insect empire headquarters, insomnia, interesting times, internet, introspection, isolation, jungle, kitties, liberation, lies, links instead of content, loneliness, louise brooks, lurv, macs, madness, malathion, medfly customs, mild violence, mst3k, muslim goods, mystery science theater 3000, negativland, nephew crusher, neutrality, new wave, night owls, nihilism, no answer/not possible, nostalgia, now, orphan playing cards, overworld, paid programming, pharmaceuticals, pigeon sabotage, pluralism, politics, poverty, privacy, procrastination, psychology, puzzling evidence, robots ate my sandwich, rusty lemonade, science fiction, secret ninja training camp, self-abuse, self-destruction, self-medication, self-sabotage, serendipity, series of tubes, silent treatment, slack, solitude, squalor, stagnation, staying up all night, stripper shoes, stupidity, suicide, synergy, synesthesia, syzygy, tabula rasa, tea, telepathy, theatre, thoughtcrime, throwbacks, tomorrow, unattainable women, underworld, unstuck in time, vegetable kingdom, vegetarianism, wallflowers, war, xenophobia, yesterday, you, zen